How A Bad Hire Can Cripple Your Startup

How A Bad Hire Can Cripple Your Startup

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When you’re the founder of a startup company, it’s on you to bring in the best and the brightest. It’s also on your to play Donald Trump and fire people. To avoid the latter, it’s important to follow a few guidelines during your hiring process. Obviously, you want highly motivated, passionate employees, who are also hard working, yet fun, and professional, but that can handle a solid work-life balance.

It’s Difficult To Make Friends & Family Workout

Hiring a family member or one of your best friends is like tossing the little white ball on the roulette wheel and hoping it hits black 29. The chances of it are low, yet everyone always bets on this option.

It’s not uncommon for startup companies to ask for assistance from those closest to them — especially in the beginning of the process. You need someone to help you set everything up, the occasional person to sign for a package… the list goes on. But once business starts moving, you need to make sure if you bring that person on full time that they’re fully motivated because they love the company and its values — not because they love you.

The amount of bad hires via family members is well documented. Not only does it hurt your business, but more importantly, it strains the relationship with those closest to you. Drama and family issues outside the office doesn’t translate into better productivity on the job.

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