‘Hotline Miami’ coming to PC via Steam, Get Games

‘Hotline Miami’ coming to PC via Steam, Get Games

Original post by Samit Sarkar via THE VERGE

Hotline Miami, the top-down action game from indie developer Dennaton Games, will launch on PC on Steam, Get Games, and “other fine digital distribution platforms” later this year, publisher Devolver Digital announced today.

A representative for the publisher added, “Plans for console versions are underway as well.”

The game, which made a splash at the Rezzed expo in Brighton, UK, in early July, will also be playable on the Gamescom show floor in the Steam booth (Hall 7, C30) this week.

Hotline Miami looks and plays similar to the Grand Theft Auto games before they went 3D, if Vice City had come out on the original PlayStation. With a pastel pixel aesthetic inspired by 1980s Miami, the indie duo of Jonatan “Cactus” Söderström and Dennis “D.W” Wedin built a surreal, bloody shooter featuring fast-paced gunplay.


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