Hiring for a Startup. Clues and Signals

Hiring for a Startup. Clues and Signals

Original post by Forbes

When you bring a new person into a entrepreneurial startup, you’re making a critical decision. You’re adding a new flavor to the soup, and as with all emerging enterprises, the shared vision and collective drive is what can make the difference between a winning team and a conflict embattled wrestling match.

With that in mind, here are 5 questions you want a new potential employee to ask – and five ‘red flags’  that should be a clue you’re on your way into troubled waters.

Questions You Want to Answer:

1.  What makes our product a winner?
I love when a potential new hire asks this – because it’s a clue that they’re both leaning in and sharply curious about what we’ve got that makes us special. I don’t want to hire the spanish inquisition,  but I do want someone who’s thoughtful about the company and the product.

2.  Who are my teammates, and can I spend time with them?
When someone wants to embrace the collaborative nature of a startup team – that’s only good news.  Let them in, if they’re a good fit, you’ve learned a lot. If they don’t connect with their co-workers now,  chances are that won’t get better.