From Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley

From Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley

Original post by Daniel Brunt via Yammer

Following a customer meeting in New York City on December 7th, 2011, I learned that Yammer was going to establish a New York office. In Yammer years, that was an eon or two ago. At that time, I was based at headquarters in San Francisco and worked primarily with Northeast accounts across Pharma, Media & Advertising, and Professional Sports verticals. I’ve always loved New York City, and was eager to help establish the New York office. After all, New York is the fastest growing US tech region and the second largest tech region in the US next to the Bay Area. Mayor Bloomberg is a staunch supporter of the tech growth in the city, and whereas investment banking was once the desired career track, the healthy tech industry has forged its way to the front of the pack.

It was decided that I’d be joining my colleague who was preparing for her move to New York from Australia, and in true Yammer fashion, it went into effect with velocity. On a subsequent business trip to New York in January, I met with an apartment broker, found an apartment within one day, and on March 1stlanded to unlock the door to Yammer New York.  The beauty of being remote within a start-up that’s on a hyper-growth trajectory is that you may be isolated, but you are far from alone. To connect to colleagues was as simple as entering our internal Yammer network. As soon as I set up the Yammer New York public group and started getting ‘likes’ from my colleagues, Yammer’s cultural power permeated the space, and Yammer New York was thus born healthy and strong.



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