Fotokite: Bird’s-eye view of your career

Fotokite: Bird’s-eye view of your career

And here we are – in sunny July, we are thinking about October. Why? Because of the upcoming Zurich Tech Job Fair, of course! Tens of job seekers will get a chance of meeting with our clients who will come to the event in search of fresh talent. One of them is Fotokite which story we want you to read today. Have a look and see if they’re the employer you’ve been looking for!

Fotokite is a strictly tech-focused company which specialises in making aerial filming simple. They strive to deliver advanced and intelligent devices that make it possible to catch the bird’s-eye view of whatever you want to film, anytime and anywhere. Featured in media such as Wired, TechCrunch, Engadget, Robohub and National Geographic, they’ve already made a name for themselves – and it is one of the pros in their niche and specialists of the solutions they deliver.

“Fotokite’s mission is to make aerial photography accessible to everyone. Specifically, we aspire to solve fundamental drone issues like safety, the need for piloting skills, and the lack of accountability”, say the company founders.

At the moment, Fotokite is looking for new employees that will join their team in Zurich. Searching for fresh and ambitious talent, they’re willing to talk to the attendees that sign up for the event and book their free job seeker ticket. Do you think you’d meet their expectations? See for yourself and meet Fotokite in Zurich!

And if you want to learn more about the company, visit their website today!