FDB: Protecting Your Tomorrow

FDB: Protecting Your Tomorrow

FDB: Protecting Your Tomorrow

Our every day is unpredictable. We cannot exactly measure what will happen next or what’s waiting for us tomorrow. We cannot make any assurance that our future will go the way we want it to become.

But, you can find an employer who can enlighten you to secure your future right?

So Heads up all job seekers! Because the good news is finally happening in Dublin. Start your career soon. Let’s treasure first our present moment and make the plan to join us as we will come back this March 21 to one of the most inspiring City in Europe- Dublin.

Different companies will be joining us at our Tech Job Fair searching for Tech talented people to join their team and we feel honored because FBD will join us. Continue reading as we provide you here some exciting information about the company.

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  1. Who are the creators of your brand? What do they do in life, what are they passionate about?

FBD Insurance was created 50 years ago by farmers, for farmers. Fast forward to the present day, we have expanded to personal, home & motor insurance as well as commercial insurance and we are Ireland’s leading insurer in Agriculture. In the last 50 years, it’s not only our product that has grown; we have an IT team of 150 people working on innovative projects across the company. As an indigenous company, we are competing with multi-national brands but that’s where our advantage lies, we work collaboratively with all areas of the business under the same roof.

  1. What’s the story behind the creation of your company? What inspired you to start your business?

When FBD Insurance was created, it lacked technical input into what is now our legacy system. We are at the point of implementing change and new technologies so it’s a busy and exciting time for us. Although the business was created by farmers, technology is seen as the future of the company as we look to revolutionize the Insurance industry.

  1. What’s your current view on the market you work in? What makes you feel like your brand stands out?

Our move to modern technologies and ways of working (eg Oracle, Angular, Agile practices, DevOps) has enabled us to respond quickly to our customer’s needs, leading to frequent delivery of customer value to production.

  1. What’s the thing that you appreciate/value/cherish more about what you do as a brand?

As a fully indigenous company all co-located on site, the business and IT have the ability to work together to solve customer needs. This gives the IT team empowerment and room to provide innovative solutions.

  1. Do you have a special story of something unique you did for a client? Something unusual you did as a team, something memorable you’d like to share?

In 2018 we partnered with An Post to provide a fully integrated motor insurance solution. It was a huge challenge from a technology, process, and organizational perspective which we took on using modern technologies and agile ways of working to deliver a great solution and success for the company.

  1. What’s your company culture like? What is that you want to represent?

The FBD IT team is full of innovative people who are eager to learn and are given opportunities to try things out and have fun along the way. Hackathons, flexible working hours, and the social side of things are encouraged and supported to create a close-knit environment of happy motivated people.

  1. What is your team like? How do you work?

Like most companies today, we are on an agile journey, we like scrum but are not fixated by a single framework.  We value outcome and impact over output.

  1. What kind of people are you looking for? Who’s the best match for your team?

Here at FBD, we’re looking for team-oriented people eager to prove themselves and bring new ideas to delivering cutting edge solutions for our customers.

  1. What benefits and perks do you offer your employees? What’s the biggest plus of working for you?

In FBD we offer a friendly atmosphere with room for talented people to prove themselves using modern technologies. We are big on work-life balance with flexible working hours and 21 days annual leave. We offer 8% contribution, discounts on healthcare and have a €70 a month lunch allowance that can be used in our onsite canteen. We have an excellent bonus structure in place also which is based on both the company’s an individual’s performance.

  1. What are your goals and plans for the future? What’s your biggest ambition?

In order to become Ireland’s customer-centric insurance company, FBD wants to move from being an insurance company that uses IT, to an IT company that sells insurance. We are exploring and moving into exciting areas such as Cloud, DevOps, automation, and analytics in order to achieve this goal.

What can be more exciting these?

Prepare your CV now and see all the job vacancies they have at our Tech Job Fair. Dublin has been one of the most inspiring places in Europe and we will give you another reason to become more inspired- and that is to give you options to get yourself on board.

Check their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.