‘Exciting Trends and Tech Empowering Java’ at Java Conference 2012, Bangalore

‘Exciting Trends and Tech Empowering Java’ at Java Conference 2012, Bangalore

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Bangalore: With the various advancements in the Web Development Space, Java is gaining more importance and reaching greater heights. According to a recent survey by Oracle, Java will continue to grow as the most Powerful, Scalable, Secure, and Open Platform for the Global Developer Community.

To help developers and architects obtain critical skills to help them build, run and manage tomorrow’s software solutions, SiliconIndia organized the Java Conference 2012 in Bangalore on December 8, 2012. The sessions were tailored specifically for the Java Architects, Developers, Practitioners, Project Leaders, Managers and Leaders.

The two track event – Language & Frameworks and Architecture & Applications focused on topics ranging from the New Challenges and Approaches for Enterprise Java to The Art of Metaprogramming in Java and from Developing Polyglot Persistent Applications on OpenShift to Future Trends and Focus Areas of Java.

Basav Nagur, Software Architect at McKinsey gave an interesting session on “Modern Web Development with Play Framework. Java is Fun Again.” He stated, “Java developers have the same productivity as any Rails or Django developers for developing Webapps using Play but with an edge i.e. Play is pure Java with direct support on JVM platform.”



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