Dwolla launches reddit Donate to drive charitable donations

Dwolla launches reddit Donate to drive charitable donations

Original post by MICHAEL STACY via SiliconPrairienews

Dwolla today announced a new initiative to drive donations to charitable causes from users of social news site reddit.

reddit Donate allows the moderators of reddit’s category-specific sub-pages, known as subreddits, to create campaigns for nonprofits of their choice and embed a “donate now” button into their subreddit’s side panel.

Dwolla, a Des Moines-based online payments startup, will facilitate payments for users of its platform. Stripe, a payments startup out of San Francisco, will process payments from donors that wish to use cards.

reddit Donate was created as a side project by a handful of reddit moderators at Dwolla, in partnership with Stripe. In a blog post published this morning, Dwolla communications director Jordan Lampe explained the impetus for the project:


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