David Cameron announces £50M regeneration plan of London’s Silicon Roundabout

David Cameron announces £50M regeneration plan of London’s Silicon Roundabout

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Tech City Investment Organisation (TCIO), the body tasked with promoting British technology companies based in the East London tech cluster, is joining forces with digital news network ECNlive, in a partnership that will connect Tech City with investors in the City of London.

The partnership was announced this morning at a Tech City event attended by Prime Minister David Cameron, who praised the success of innovative British technology businesses such as ECNlive and announced a £50 million plan to regenerate the Old Street Roundabout at the heart of East London-based Tech City business cluster.

News of the Prime Minister’s announcement was broken on the ECNlive network, as the first step in a content partnership that will see ECNlive’s digital network carry live news and real time information from companies within Tech City, to financial institutions, media groups and technology companies across the capital.

Tech City will use ECNlive’s digital network, which reaches more than 400,000 business people across the capital, to carry real-time up-dates on company initiatives, tech sector data and trends. ECNlive is present in more than 100 landmark offices buildings in London, including the offices of the City’s most influential investors from the technology and financial services industry.

Prime Minister David Cameron said: “The UK is in a global race and I am determined that we as a Government continue doing everything we can to equip the UK to compete and thrive in that race.


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