CMP Group – Fun from working, working for fun

CMP Group – Fun from working, working for fun

Where else could work be fun if not in a digital entertainment company? CMP Group was founded in 2002 in the US and ever since it shows all of its 130 employees that work and play are equally important!

The company creates and promotes a variety of digital entertainment services and commercial products, including virtual reality projects. It sounds fun and it is fun – but more importantly, it’s a great career opportunity for anyone employed in the company.


Their work time is as important as playtime. Working hours mix with fun at the office barbeque, hanging out on the terrace and enjoying the company of their colleagues. The workplace atmosphere they create helps the company and the employees thrive and reach the maximum of their capabilities, every day.

Do you think it’s something for you? If so, you’ll have a chance to meet the company during Tech Job Fair in Barcelona on March 22, so hurry up and reserve your free jobseeker ticketright now!

Visit the company website for more information about it!