Clay’s sunset, KS sunrise

Clay’s sunset, KS sunrise

SALTO KS GetHire Amsterdam 2019

The moment we’ve been equally dreading and looking forward to at the same time has arrived: Before the end of this year we’ll be shutting down

Not because our journey ended. But because it’s continuing. Right here.

This is how it all begun:

Clay was born in 2012: In a little Dutch city where Xander Heijman and Rick Voogt decided to start a new company that would go on to changing the world of keys, locks and technology.

They decided to start this new company that would float on the changing the world of keys, locks and technology!

At that moment Rick was a company director at a multinational and a known name in the world of access control. Used to big and specialized projects, mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. He considered himself lucky, but not necessarily happy in that role.

Xander, like a true ‘Rotterdammer’ is an entrepreneur from his twenties and already (had) owned IT- and Internet companies. Entrepreneurship is the best thing that ever happened to him: A lot of hard work but in exchange the freedom to change whatever you want and do whatever you feel is necessary to make your business work.

Rick and Xander’s knowledge on how to build technology from the bottom up combined let to the birth of Clay Solutions B.V.