Managed Hosting, Managed Networks and Cloud Services with Claranet

Managed Hosting, Managed Networks and Cloud Services with Claranet

One of the companies coming to Lisbon Tech Job Fair 2018 at BETA-I is Claranet – provider of IT management services. Counting up to 1800 employees in 24 offices scattered across 8 countries, they are still looking for more talented people to join their team.

The company started off in 1996 and after more than twenty years, they are leaders in the IT management sector. Among their clients, you can list names as big as Airbus, Peugeot, Channel 5 or Unicef.

They’re looking for people who, just like them, think big and aim high. Their fast-paced company environment is a great place to grow personally and professionally. But that’s not all. The list of benefits they offer to their employees is long, including work in their offices and from remote locations.

The work environment at Claranet is active, professional yet welcoming, which encourages the entire team to reach its full potential. We are an informal and customer oriented company. Here everyone (but even everyone) speaks to Customers.

In Claranet’s constant expansion the advantages of a small business prevail: the suggestions and contributions of all are valid and there is a strong team spirit.

Claranet actively encourages all its employees to continue their learning and career development in the company, both through the continuation of their studies and in the investment in vocational training. The arrival of a new element in Claranet is a fundamental moment of integration and future evolution in the company, reason why we invest in a detailed initial formation. The new Employee receives information from all departments and work areas to gain insight into all internal applications and procedures, with a greater emphasis on the tasks they will perform.

Our innovative and informal environment provides everyone with the latest Internet and security technology, bringing added and constant challenges.

The Human Resources team works daily to maintain and improve the good living environment at Claranet, which allows our professionals to work with a high level of quality and always favouring a healthy balance between personal and professional life.

If you’re interested in some of the positions they offer, remember that as a job seeker, you enter Tech Job Fair in Lisbon for free.

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