CheckRecipient crowned UK’s most innovative cyber security firm

CheckRecipient crowned UK’s most innovative cyber security firm


CheckRecipient uses machine learning to secure enterprise information across email networks.CheckRecipient is a venture backed cyber security company using machine learning to build a next generation email security platform. We have a world-leading team and investors (Accel, LocalGlobe) and the CheckRecipient platform is used every day to protect email networks for some of the world’s largest organisations in the financial, legal, technology and healthcare sectors.

At CheckRecipient, we have the ambitious goal of protecting enterprise networks against new and intelligent cyber threats, making it impossible for sensitive information to end up in the wrong hands.

Through advanced machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), CheckRecipient prevents breaches in real-time, outsmarting traditional rule-based, admin-intensive approaches which can only report a breach after it has occurred.

18252456_681376758731394_2018835650769321984_nFounded by a team of Imperial College engineers, we’re backed by some of the world’s leading technology investors. We work with international clients in the financial, legal and professional services sectors who trust us to find the most intelligent ways to keep their data secure.

Long-term customer relationships are at the core of everything we do.

Whether you are a distributor, reseller or would just like to refer CheckRecipient’s solutions, our partner program is designed to support your business efforts and grow lasting relationships with your customers. We strive to help partners grow their business through providing dedicated resources to the channel and enabling technologies and sales teams to effectively acquire, grow and retain business.


Protect your client’s personal and transactional information in commercial M&A, family disputes, and specific matters. CheckRecipient recognises unique matter numbers and sending patterns inside law firms for the best protection.


Protect your deal pipeline, M&A transaction information, capital markets term sheets and client information. CheckRecipient recognises confidential project codenames and information in order to ensure this is never shared outside the working group.


Investment managers deal with highly sensitive customer records, market sensitive information and internal IP. CheckRecipient allows firms to keep this data secure over email with minimal admin and disruption to end users.

CheckRecipient Wins Award for Best Machine Intelligence Start Up
CheckRecipient Wins Award for Best Machine Intelligence Start Up


Compliance or regulatory firms need to lead by example. It remains essential to protect your information adequately and provide clients and stakeholders with a comfort that you too are handling data correctly.


Medical information is the among the most sensitive type information available and the consequences of inadvertent data loss can be devastating for customers, patients and your organisation. CheckRecipient provides an additional safeguard without any administrative overhead.


Technology companies process and store enormous amounts of data meaning that the fallout from data breaches can be enormous. CheckRecipient allows organisations to detect, monitor and prevent data loss and emails to unauthorised recipients to keep your information safe. 

Good News for Techies as CheckRecipient are shifting into hiring mode at London Tech Job Fair at WeWork Moorgate on 21 September 2017 from 6pm.
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