Startup Advice: Five principles of the lean approach

Oriinal post by Philip Connolly via BusinessPost When startups talk about how they have set up, many mention the lean method. The phrase was coined by author and entrepreneur Eric Ries to describe a fresh approach to product and service design. Several prominent tech companies have begun to publicly employ the lean startup philosophy, including DropBox, and lean […]

Should Your Startup Go Freemium?

Original post by JULES MALTZ AND DANIEL BARNEY via TC Editor’s note: Jules Maltz is a general partner at IVP and focuses on later-stage venture investments in rapidly-growing Internet and software companies. Follow him on Twitter.Daniel Barney is a senior associate at IVP and focuses on later-stage venture investments in digital media and information technology. Follow him on Twitter. Over the last several months, there has been […]

IBM SmartCamp – calling Europe’s finest startups together in Berlin

Original post by NINA FOWLER via VentureVillage In just one week, IBM will be bringing some of the continent’s top startups together for exclusive pitch competition, conference and networking event SmartCamp EMEA in Berlin (13-14 November 2012). SmartCamp is a global programme which is itself part of IBM’s wider Global Entrepreneurs Programme. The Berlin event is the site of this […]

New York Start-Ups Become Officemates in Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Original post by  JENNA WORTHAM via NY Times  As the city of New York struggles to get back online in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many companies and start-ups are trying to regain their footing and restart operations. We’re taking over the Hearst… — Jon Steinberg (@jonsteinberg) October 31, 2012 The problem is, much of Lower Manhattan, […]

How to build a successful startup

Original post by Martin Carstens via ventureburn When it comes to venture capital, Keet van Zyl is as savvy as they come. He’s worked for companies such as Procter & Gamble, Investec Bank and HBD Venture Capital, and helped set up private equity funds in the Southern African region for a US-based investor. He also co-founded fund manager, Knife Capital […]