On Stage in NYC, Tech Startups Have 7 Minutes To Shine

Original post by Gerry Smith via HuffingtonPost For Chris Collins, all the hours spent building a website, developing relationships with food vendors and rehearsing his pitch had come down to this: He had seven minutes to persuade a room filled with investors that his company will revolutionize the way people book caterers. “Catering is broken!” Collins said […]

8 Surprising Startup Lessons – What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know

Original post by SCOTTGERBER via ReadWriteWeb It takes more than a big idea and a thorough business plan to start a new business. Most entrepreneurs aren’t quite sure what else it takes until they’re well underway, and many are shocked to discover important elements of startup success that they simply hadn’t considered at all. To find out […]

6 Questions to Ask Yourself when Bootstrapping Your Startup Design

Original post by Mike Abasov via MARKETING before FUNDING Here’s a question I know a lot of startup founders have: How the heck do I design my product, my website, my logo, and all that other stuff without handing over $40,000 to a fancy design studio? Sure, you may word it differently, but the meaning stays […]

Is College Still Worth It?

Original post by Degree Jungle A question sparking debates as tuition rates spiral out of control and unemployment for college grads hits record levels. Is a college degree worth it? For many the value of a degree is not just the earnings impact over a lifetime but the experiences and personal development that occur during these […]

Where the startup jobs are [infographic]

Where the startup jobs are [infographic]

Original post by Aaron Lander via Pinterest READ MORE We’re delighted to announce we’re holding our second bi-annual Job fair this September in London Online Ticketing for #TechMeetups presents #TechStartupJobs Fair powered by Eventbrite