London’s technology industry has highest proportion of women entrepreneurs in Europe

Original post by Independent London’s technology sector has the highest proportion of women entrepreneurs in Europe, according to a global study of 50,000 start-ups. But the city’s start-up scene, centred around London’s ‘Silicon Roundabout’,  is still dominated by men, with women representing only nine per cent of those behind new technology businesses. Eileen Burbidge, a […]

Start-Ups, Silicon Alley? Randi Zuckerberg Casting For Tech Reality Show in NYC

Original post byAdriana Lee via technobuffalo Start-Ups, Silicon Valley just debuted on Bravo recently, but that doesn’t mean Zuckerberg Media isn’t already setting its sights on a new subject — Silicon Alley. According to The Wall Street Journal, producer Randi Zuckerberg now plans to aim her reality-TV wand at the technorati scene in New York. Why the shift? Seems Silicon Valley — that […]

Got a Start-up Idea? Find Out If It Will Work

Original post by Matthew Bellows via Inc How do you choose which idea to turn into full-fledged business venture? Here’s one method to choose your best idea. Now is a great time to start a business. Technology is cheap. Funding is more availablethan ever. There’s a bevy of new tools available and online resources that didn’t exist five years ago. Most importantly, society […]

Berlin startup scene gets nod from Google

Original post by FRANK JORDANS via The Seattle Times Berlin’s budding Internet entrepreneurs received the closest thing to an industry endorsement Tuesday, with a (EURO)1 million ($1.3 million) investment from Google Inc. for a new `hub’ where startups can work, play and meet investors. Berlin’s budding Internet entrepreneurs received the closest thing to an industry endorsement Tuesday, […]

One Statistic That Should Convince Every Small Business To Get On Instagram

Original post by Max Nisen via BusinessInsider Even with a relatively small number of followers, Instagram can create a big impact for businesses. That’s what SumAll, a New York-based data analytics startup, found when they added the ability to track data from Instagram to their existing suite of social media and sales data tools for small businesses. Though they’ve only […]