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The rise of SMS marketing – expert offers start-up guidelines

Original post by Michelle Hammond via startupsmart Start-ups have been urged to consider text messages as a key marketing channel, after a report revealed 97% of text messages are opened – a far higher rate than email. Chetan Sharma, a US-based technology and strategy consultancy, conducted some research on the rise of the humble text message as […]

Bootstrap, Don’t Borrow: How To Finance Your Business Without a Loan

Original post by DIANE KENNEDY via D&B The most powerful way to build your business is without a loan or investors. The money you make will all be yours, unencumbered by debt, or the need to share with other investors. There is something all-American about building a business all by yourself, from the ground up. So let’s […]

Startups: Stop Trying To Hire Ninja-Rockstar Engineers

Original post by Avi Flombaum via OnStartups Hiring technical talent is often cited as one of the most difficult parts of scaling a startup. Great companies are built by great teams so naturally, when it comes to technical talent, companies are competing harder than ever to entice the best of the best. The rationale you’ll typically […]

The Rise of the New York Startup Scene

Original post by RACHEL METZ via  technologyreview A growing number of techies are calling New York City home, and investors are paying attention. When Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai started building their location-sharing startup,Foursquare, in 2008, they chose New York City for their headquarters, and Crowley’s kitchen table in the East Village served as their first workspace. “We […]

Startup Marketing is a Team Sport

Original post by crowdedocean Never before has startup marketing been more specialized, data-driven and, therefore, difficult to staff and challenging to manage. What was once known as “outbound marketing” was dominated by push or broadcast-oriented tactics (TV, radio, print, direct mail) to a diverse market of customers. That’s evolved into the pull or “inbound marketing” principles advocated by […]