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What small biz can learn from the tech industry

What small biz can learn from the tech industry

Original post by Kristen Mozian via StatesmanJournal “The Lean Startup” has become a book that every tech entrepreneur has read and quotes regularly. Eric Reis, the author of the book, coined the term “lean startup” to reframe what it means to be a startup and the process that a startup should follow to ensure success… or at […]

Low Cost Marketing Strategies for Small Business Startups

Original post by startupchamp Just because you are a small business start-up with a limited budget, it doesn’t mean that your marketing has to suffer. There are plenty of low cost marketing strategies that you can harness to rocket your business success forward without costing you the world. Marketing Your Business on a Budget With a […]


Original post by RocketWatcher Most startup marketing plans are useless static documents. A great startup marketing plan is a dynamic operational blueprint that drives everything marketing is doing. It won’t be a single document but rather a set of documents used to actively manage marketing projects as well as acting as the current record of inputs, assumptions, […]