New York

Techmeetups presents: Social Media (Mini) Unconference (New York City)

This is our first unconference being hosted in NYC and we’re really looking forward to seeing you there! The theme of the unconference is SOCIAL MEDIA. We have 3 topics set aside:   1. What I learned from starting a company and using Social Media in the early-days 2. What I learned from managing other […]

The temptations _ and trappings _ of Silicon Valley’s super-rich

Original post by Tom Ehrich via washingtonpost Forget Wall Street. Today’s “best and brightest” are heading to California’s Silicon Valley and New York’s Silicon Alley, and to a few other tech-startup hot spots. Thousands of aspiring engineers, web developers, designers and marketers live in dormitories, work in open-floor bullpens, attend coding competitions to enhance their skills, and work […]

Net firms’ hiring slows in Hub, but not in New York

Original post by Scott Kirsner via Boston Excerpts from the Innovation Economy blog. Cook Associates, an executive recruiting firm, is producing an interesting quarterly report­ on hiring at Boston Internet and digital media companies. Managing director John Barrett said that LinkedIn was used to examine 137 Internet and digital media companies that have 10 or more employees in […]