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Rational Group supporting cancer research with mobile phone game

Original post by Gareth Chantler by FullTiltPoker The Rational Group’s ‘Helping Hands’ program is proud to be supporting Play to Cure: Genes in Space, a mobile game that analyses genetic data while you play, empowering users to help accelerate cancer research. On February 4th, World Cancer Day, Rational Group staff in London and the Isle of Man […]

ICS Mobile launches AppXchange platform for mobile app discovery

Original post by Dean Takahashi via venturebeat ICS Mobile, the creator of promo site, has launched its new app to help you find even more cool pieces of mobile software: AppXchange. The Santa Monica, Calif.-based company previously announced that it had teamed up with the big talent agency ICM Partners to get A-list celebrities to promote its new platform. The new […]

Mobile Is Ever-changing The Way Events Are Done

This generation is re-shaped by the mobile technology, constant cloud storage and wireless communication; moving the era by leaps and bounds than ever. Amassing over five billion subscribers and exploding global networking, mobile stands a unique tool with significant crowd power to be integrated to any area of business. Smartphone technology stands the right cohort […]

Create an App for Your Business for Maximum Engagement

 By Hank Whitman In December 2012, Forbes reported that 49 percent of smartphone and tablet users are seeking information about local businesses. As a savvy business owner, you realize this percentage means it is time to add “build a mobile app” to your project list, and soon. However, you may wonder just how an app will […]

Best Mobile Apps to Keep an Eye on Your Digital Reputation

Original post by Mary Hiers However small or large your business enterprise, your customers, clients, and prospects talk about it online. They may comment on your blog, post Facebook updates about their experience with your product or service, or send out tweets related to your business. Keeping track of your online reputation is critical for maximizing […]