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How to build a viable business model?

Original post by tlesselin What makes a business model viable? How to move it from viable to great? What are the key metrics to analyze business model performance? How and when should you decide to change your business model? … How to build a viable business model? from tlesselin Join first session of TechMeetups Guru […]

How to Get Your Resume Noticed

How to Get Your Resume Noticed

Original post by MARIE LARSEN via I’ve got to be honest here: Sometimes going through resumes is a drag.  Don’t get me wrong, HR is a great field to work in and it is incredibly rewarding, but there are things that we see in HR that cannot be unseen. Sure the job market is tough […]

Bootstrap, Don’t Borrow: How To Finance Your Business Without a Loan

Original post by DIANE KENNEDY via D&B The most powerful way to build your business is without a loan or investors. The money you make will all be yours, unencumbered by debt, or the need to share with other investors. There is something all-American about building a business all by yourself, from the ground up. So let’s […]