Caped Koala seeks $100,000 in crowdfunding to develop educational games for kids

Caped Koala seeks $100,000 in crowdfunding to develop educational games for kids

Pora Ora (, the ground breaking virtual 3D online universe that is transforming the way that 5-12 year old children learn, has launched an online Kickstarter ( campaign to help raise funds.

Pora Ora is made up of themed worlds packed with exciting and engaging games, puzzles and quests, all geared to a global school curriculum. Children learn through their avatar alongside their Pora Pal (virtual pet) who needs wisdom, creativity and exploration points to keep them healthy and happy. Strong security settings are embedded within the game and children have to complete an eSafety quest and gain parental permission to access the interactive features. Pora Ora is also being offered to schools for free. With a school mode setting, teachers are able utilize this fantastic educational resource in the classroom. Teachers and parents are able to control the safety features, track the child’s progress and offer in-game rewards through the parent portal. With membership expected to reach over 500,000 users by the end of 2012, it’s proving to be popular with parents, teachers and children.

Caped Koala are hoping to raise $100,000 through Kickstarter – a site where projects offer backers rewards. With the money raised, the company will create an Egyptian themed world, introduce brand new Pora Pals to the game and also create a Pora Pal app and a parent app. If they exceed their target they will create a coding game and allow children to create their own worlds however if they do not reach their target, they will go home empty handed.

 “Our Kickstarter campaign has the potential to fund the creative growth and expansion of Pora Ora. The education system hasn’t changed in years. It remains a granular system where creativity has fallen down the priority list to the extent that it is almost unrecognized in the education sector. If we reach our target, we will be able to revolutionize education and ensure that Pora Ora can be enjoyed by children, parents and teachers alike. We believe that Pora Ora will become the world’s top online education and entertainment destination for children.” Neil Gallagher, Caped Koala, CEO.

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