Cambridge’s leading tech startups

Cambridge’s leading tech startups

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What it does Aqdot has developed and patented new technology for creating microcapsules filled with a range of active ingredients.

These ingredients can then be released, under control – a technique that can be tuned to myriad applications.

“The early priorities are the home care, personal care, nutraceuticals and agrochemicals markets,” says Zhang

Why Cambridge? The company has close links to the University of Cambridge chemistry department, while the city’s ability to attract talent is also beneficial, as is its accommodating and supportive entrepreneurial community. “This is ideal for a young start-up like us,” says Zhang.

Future Plans The next few years should see Aqdot develop significantly. “The primary opportunity is for us to grow by licensing the technology,” says Zhang. “This would be among a variety of other business models including straight licensing, joint development agreements, joint ventures and production of our product.” Work is currently underway to commercialise the technology.


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