Boost Your Benefits: Explore The Amex Card That Fits Your Changing Lifestyle

Boost Your Benefits: Explore The Amex Card That Fits Your Changing Lifestyle

2020 has changed the way we work, learn and live our everyday lives.

So here’s the story By American Express via

The American Express Gold Card is uniquely suited for our new normal. Here’s a look at the newest perks.

All offers listed below are subject to change and may not be available to everyone. Terms apply.

As we have adapted our lifestyles to the new normal, we’ve created new habits—seen in higher grocery bills, frequent takeout and sold-out household supplies. 

The good news: There are still perks and offerings that are perfectly suited for our new routines. One easy way is by finding the right credit card. Rewards are no longer a nice-to-have—they’re a must-have. In fact, one survey found that nearly half of people screen new offers based on rewards. 

With so many choices, finding the right card is crucial. For foodies and families of all stripes, the American Express Gold Card offers the benefits and flexibility needed to navigate the current environment—and to plan for the next chapter. And right now is the best time to reap the benefits, with an enhanced introductory offer that earns Card Members 60,000 Membership Rewards Points after spending $4,000 in purchases on the Card in the first six months. You can check out the offer here ($250 annual fee; rates & fees apply).

That’s just the start. Here’s a look at the many other perks Card Members can enjoy.

This city dweller has spent years following the restaurant scene. She knows the secret to nabbing coveted reservations and can list the names and bios of her favorite chefs the way sports fans do for athletes. Food is her sport. Lucky for her, it’s always in season in her city. 

Using a credit card is key to how this foodie unlocks perks to reward herself later. Her morning ritual starts by picking up her favorite coffee and breakfast at the neighborhood cafe. After hours working in front of a computer, the Urban Epicure often takes an afternoon stroll to pick up takeout at a nearby diner. These small purchases add up—but unlocking her Gold Card’s rewards has been key to maximizing these everyday dining expenses for points to use down the road.

For instance, all the quick bites and trips to local restaurants have helped her support her favourite spots over the past year—while also earning her 4 times the points on her Gold Card.

One of her favorite ways to enjoy new restaurants in the city is by sharing the experience with others. Always planning ahead, she’s already marked the calendar for a celebratory splurge to commemorate her best friend’s birthday next year. Plus, her Gold Card’s new Uber Cash benefit, starting early next year, will allow her to earn up to $120 annually to spend on Uber Eats orders or Uber rides—so she never risks showing up unfashionably late for her table. And when she’s spending a night in, she can use Uber Eats to get her go-to orders straight to her couch.

From birthday dinners to Sunday night takeout, the Urban Epicure is always finding new ways to soak in the local food scene. And the Gold Card’s perks help make the most of the city’s food scene—while earning points with every bite.

Before having kids, this couple couldn’t imagine how people filled an entire shopping cart in one trip. Now, they sometimes need two. Their busy family has big appetites and they all need something different: orange slices for soccer, chips and guac for the sleepover, pancake mix for Sunday breakfast.

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