Elance partners with TechMeetups for the TechStartupJobs Fair, September 2012

Job fairs are fantastic occasions for employers to meet lots of prospective candidates face-to-face at one event.  Likewise, they are great for candidates to talk with a number of recruiters all in the space of a couple of hours. However, cloud technology also makes it possible for employers and candidates to meet, talk and do […]

Gaming 2 Gamification

RedCritter partners with TechMeetups for Gaming2Gamification 2012

What is the RedCritter ? RedCritter is pioneering the use of game mechanics in the workplace. By incorporating game theory, they incent team members, increase productivity and improve performance…and make work a heck of a lot more fun!  Their flagship product, RedCritter Tracker is the only gamified project management tool with a specific use for […]


Techmeetups presents: Social Media (Mini) Unconference (New York City)

This is our first unconference being hosted in NYC and we’re really looking forward to seeing you there! The theme of the unconference is SOCIAL MEDIA. We have 3 topics set aside:   1. What I learned from starting a company and using Social Media in the early-days 2. What I learned from managing other […]

Building It Is Not Enough: 5 Practical Tips On User Acquisition

Original post by OnStartups This is a guest post by Dave Balter.  Dave is the CEO of BzzAgent, founder of Smarterer, an active angel investor and a holder of proms. You can follow Dave on twitter @davebalter Everywhere you turn these days, you find an angel investor. Aside from those who have always invested small amounts of cash in […]

Start-Up Spotlight London: Silicon Roundabout – Full of Fashion, Music and Mobile

Original post by Courtney Boyd Myers via Qualcomm Spark As the world’s most connected cities—from Singapore to Sao Paolo to New York—make great efforts to keep pace with California’s Silicon Valley, the United Kingdom isn’t one to be left behind. With nearly 8 million people and a diversity of industries ripe for disruption, many eager eyes are looking […]