Google I/O Highlights That’ll Set You Straight

Original post by MICHELLE GREENLEE via Dice Last week’s Google I/O 2012 offered entertainment and technology in a big way — even beyond the live skydive broadcast over Google Hangouts On Air and the preview version of Android 4.1, which packs powerful API level functions and other features. Here’s a comprehensive recap of the event: Android 4.1 Jelly […]


Tech city in east London ‘bigger than thought’

Original post by BBC Tech city, an area around Old Street in east London which is home to number of technology firms, has more businesses and employs more people than previously thought. Previously Chancellor George Osborne, the boss of Google and others had thought the number of IT firms based in the area, also known […]


The Secret to London’s Tech Boom

Original post by RICHARD FLORIDA via The Atlantic Cities When the 2012 Olympics kick off at the end of this month, the bulk of the action will take place in East London. The area is virtually “unrecognizable from seven years ago when London celebrated its winning bid,” according to yesterday’s Boston Globe and is rapidly becoming “a new metropolitan center.” While […]


From Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley

Original post by Daniel Brunt via Yammer Following a customer meeting in New York City on December 7th, 2011, I learned that Yammer was going to establish a New York office. In Yammer years, that was an eon or two ago. At that time, I was based at headquarters in San Francisco and worked primarily with Northeast […]


Apprentice loser Nick Holzherr gets funding for food site

Original post by BBC A runner up in television series The Apprentice has secured funding for his food website after being turned down by Lord Sugar. Nick Holzherr has secured £170,000 to launchWhisk, a service that creates online shopping lists based on recipes. In the TV series, Lord Sugar told the entrepreneur that he was […]