Berlin and Vienna Coworking Spaces Welcoming Professionals Back

Berlin and Vienna Coworking Spaces Welcoming Professionals Back

The coronavirus pandemic will not vanish into thin air, and everyone willing to move forward with their business seems to have accepted this fact. It is clear as daylight that COVID-19 is here to stay, and waiting for it to go leads the industry to nothing else but the void full of hopeless expectations. There is nothing to wonder when it comes to commercial real estate locations re-opening its doors for tenants all around the world, as stable economies are the basis for fighting with the coronavirus. Society won’t be able to deal with the threat without the funds required.

While professionals in every nook of Europe had already testified to the incredibly low productivity rates associated with working from home (which, by the way, had us all on cloud nine when the quarantine started), coworking spaces in Berlin and Vienna are gradually turning their business life back to normal. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, designers, and whoever is willing to get back to the places full of inspiration can now do it in the German and Austrian capital cities, with a lot of exceptions yet to stay aware of. Today, we will speak about the whys and hows of business life rejuvenation in Berlin and Vienna.

Solid Work Done

When it comes to talking about commercial real estate in Germany and Austria, there is a need to understand one simple thing: these two states fought strategically with COVID-19, and their citizens were supportive of the government. Thus, it let them overcome the pandemic when compared to the other European business overlords, such as Spain, France, and Great Britain. Every coworking in Berlin has still been closed some months ago, and everybody understood why it was needed. The German’s unique ability to follow the rules with precision has definitely helped the government in this unequal fight with an unprecedented enemy.

The statistic is quite impressive, as Germany has managed to dock the daily number of positive COVID-19 test results from 6,324 on March 28 (the highest index) to 814 on September 7. Of course, nobody can resist the fact that Germany is Europe’s strongest economy. Yet, it takes, first of all, organization and communal willingness to meet the challenge together as a community. As a matter of fact, it was quite inspirational to learn that Austria is currently one of the safest states to do business in terms of its subduction to the pandemic. Having taken prompt action, the official Vienna fostered the country’s way from 927 infected in March to approximately 600 in September.

Precaution as the Road to Coworking

Regardless of how successful the German and Austrian governments’ attempts at fighting the pandemic are, the thing that makes them prolific is that they understand the need to move on. Thus, opening the first coworking spaces in Berlin and Vienna is only a part of a bigger plan that envisages a complete resuscitation of the business and commercial real estate sectors. Renting a coworking in Vienna today is not that hard, yet it requires the landlords and tenants to come together on a joint resolution regarding people’s safety.

Thus, there are rules that everyone eager to rent a coworking space in Berlin or Vienna has to follow. Sure, there might be some personalized safety rules established by the landlords in these cities’ coworking spaces. Nonetheless, the general ones are there for everybody to follow. We all know about the social distance, the need to wear masks and wash our hands as often as possible or use the sanitizer on them. As a matter of fact, those are the rules you have to follow when renting a desk in coworking spaces in Berlin or Vienna.

The options available right now to the prospective tenants are quite impressive and even out of the ordinary. For example, the Nest coworking space located at Kaffeemühlenfabrik 1170 is nothing but a refurbished factory, which means that there is surely enough space for keeping the social distance. Meanwhile, what about renting a house that serves as a coworking for your team? The Unicorn Village in Berlin is nothing but a unique offer to meet in today’s commercial real estate market. Loft-like rooms that can fit in 30 workspaces at the very top of the houses represent an impressive offer that is not something you will meet on a daily basis.

Coworking During the Pandemic: What the Doctor Ordered

You might actually wonder why we are talking about the fact that Berlin and Vienna are opening up coworking spaces, as there is nothing extraordinary about the fact that business returns to normal life. Well, as a matter of fact, there is. As we have already mentioned, the COVID-19 pandemic is not going anywhere, so any change within the commercial real estate market that brings business back to the good old days is actually crucial, especially if it’s associated with the increased level of social safety.

A coworking space is actually more personalized than you think. Renting a desk in the coworking, you make sure that this is a station that is not going to be touched by anybody else. Furthermore, a coworking space is full of support. That is, you won’t have to deal with a poor Internet connection or any other technical issues, and your online calls with partners will always be up to the highest quality standards. Finally, a coworking space in either Berlin or Vienna – big European cities – is a perfect spot for enjoying the extensive networking options. Rent a coworking and feel the bliss of being a member of the business community once again.


It can be clearly seen that business in Germany and Austria is slowly coming back to normal due to a whole myriad of factors. First of all, governmental decisions and regulations were right. Secondly, the public showed unity with the countries’ officials and took the quarantine seriously. Thirdly, commercial spaces in their biggest cities have treated the re-opening agenda with responsibility, and the result they are facing now is tremendous. Sure, we will have to adjust to some new rules and take care of our safety. Nonetheless, the coworking spaces in Berlin and Vienna are starting to welcome the business folks back, and it cannot fail to the be silver lining in the black cloud that brooded over the European business for the most part of 2020.

Author Martha Richmond is a creative freelance copywriter who works for MatchOffice. Her main job is to write articles on commercial real estate and other business topics and publish them on relevant websites, blogs and forums.

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