axetrading® fixed income electronic trading – solutions for business

axetrading® fixed income electronic trading – solutions for business

Worldwide: our Passion, our Success
AxeTrading®. is a young fast-growing FinTech company, with head office in London and business premises in Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt, specialising in the development of technology solutions for the fixed income e-trading markets.


Innovation, quality and customer orientation are our drivers.

Our solutions bring fixed income workflows and liquidity together into a single desktop application for more efficient trading and best execution.

Our goal is to create products that make the difference for our customers placed on 4 continents, offering them more efficient and transparent trading processes and facilitating them to adapt to the evolving impact of regulations on the fixed income markets.

From the product concept and design, through the software development and testing, up to the system integration and customer support, all the production steps are lead in-house, applying agile methodologies (Scrum).


Our team is on average 31 years old, comes from 10 countries and is quite nerdy.

We are IT axe*-perts: we do what we love and we love what we code. This is our strongest bond. We are a close-knit, dynamic and cross-functional team with diverse backgrounds and strong competencies gained in different sectors. The will to challenge ourselves and proactivity are other common features.


*NB: ‘Axe’: The interest a person or trader shows in buying or selling a fixed income security. A trader may have a specific interest in a certain fixed income security based on their trading positions. Such a person may be said to be ‘Axed’ in that security.

Passion cannot be programmed.

But we use it in our Software Development.

We need you, your talent and ideas to keep on implementing our software: a client-server based platform programmed in Java.


Join us as:

Software Developer for User interface, using technologies like JavaFX 8, WebSockets and JUnit

Software Developer for Server, using technologies like Java8, JavaEE, SQL, Hibernate, GlassFish, WebSocket, JUnit and Multithreading processes

Software Developer for Market API, using technologies like Java8, QuickFIX, JUnit and Multithreading processes

Software Tester for manual and automated tests

Software Integration & Support Specialist

IT Business Analyst & Product Owner

System-Integrator & -Administrator


A friendly yet professional work environment, an espresso machine, a view on the Elbe and much more…are waiting for you!

Does it sound interesting? Then send your application to [email protected].

For further info about our company, product or vacancies, please contact our HR Coordinator, [email protected]