Auterion: We Build the Open Source Infrastructure for Autonomous Robots

Auterion: We Build the Open Source Infrastructure for Autonomous Robots

Zurich Tech Job Fair is right around the corner. It’s a big chance to meet the teams of great companies in person but before it, we want to introduce you to one of them. Get ready to meet Auterion, which builds infrastructures for autonomous robots.

Here is how Lorenz Meier describes the amazing story of accidentally creating the most used standards in the drone industry:

“A decade ago, little did I know that my student project at the Computer Vision and Geometry Lab at ETH Zurich would end up becoming the de facto standard in the drone industry. During this time, my team and I created MAVLink, Pixhawk, PX4, and QGroundcontrol, which are today’s most used flight control hardware and autopilot software in the drone industry. This was the beginning of a story of a very successful open source project outperforming individual corporate development.”

Now Auterion is a leader in a movement that is bigger than itself. They enable new business by creating better technology the open source way, and by connecting the community of developers, contributors, and companies.

In 2008 the company’s founder created PX4 and Pixhawk, the most widely adopted permissive open source projects in the drone industry.

Today, Auterion is the largest contributor to PX4 and the software platform powers consumer, commercial, and industrial drones of every type, from multicopters to VTOLs.

They’re a team of pilots and coders, hackers and doers. They like hard problems and solving them as a team with the sharpest minds. The team is truly full stack, from pushing electrons to pulling requests. The company’s customers rely on it to bring their products to market, keep their data safe, and their drones in the sky.

Auterion is here to lay the foundation for a future of safe autonomous robotics. They need Auterions to join our team. Want to make a difference? Come on board, grab your tickets of Zurich Tech Job Fair!

You can also learn more about the team if you visit their website, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter!