Aginext – The Only Conference For Experienced Agilists

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Aginext – The Only Conference For Experienced Agilists

Are you already immersed in an agile transformation and most of the ‘Agile 101’ conferences don’t bring anything new to you?

Maybe you’re looking for something more? Like a place to meet with other like-minded and experienced agilists? A place where you’ll actually learn something new?

We’ve got good news for you. The Aginext Conference returns to London this spring! Don’t make plans for the 21st and 22nd of March 2019 because that’s your time to get really deep into all things agile.


What’s On Schedule?

“A mix of actionable talks and hands-on workshops, Aginext is known for its experienced, entertaining and sometimes controversial speakers, and, even more so, for our awesome attendees that make networking between sessions invaluable!”


The Aginext Conference schedule is full of everything you’d like there to find: hands-on workshops, horizon-broadening talks, precious networking, and constant learning. Let us give you a quick peek at what’s awaiting all Aginext attendees this year:

  • How to Navigate Out of Hell
  • Rise of the Machines: AI in the Agile World
  • Are Tech Ethics Unprofessional?
  • Playful Leadership: How to enable transformational change and have fun doing it
  • Stop having static teams, start moving people to the work!
  • Retrospecting Your Retrospectives
  • 80/20 and ‘Not everybody likes to dance’ rules in Agile transformation
  • The Four Horsemen of Toxic Behaviour


Interested? Check out the full schedule of the conference.


Network & Connect

In between the talks, the Aginext attendees are presented with one of the best networking opportunities ever. These two conference days provide a unique chance of finding people who — just like you — are all about agile transformation.

While listening to the speakers will definitely prove fascinating, it’s the experience-sharing which makes Aginext conference so special. The mix of expertise, personalities, approaches and ideas won’t repeat anywhere else — so make sure you’re in London on the 21st and 22nd March 2019!


Find Out More

Ready to join? Make sure you stay up to date: visit Aginext Conference site to register and follow them on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram!