A high-tech bridge between London and Israel

A high-tech bridge between London and Israel

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The UK’s TexChange program will bring the spirit of the Start-Up Nation to UK investors and corporations

Israel’s got the technology, and Britain has the markets — or at least access to them. Why not bring the two together, letting British companies get access to Israeli start-up technology, to bring new products and services to existing and new markets?

That’s the logic behind a new effort launched by the UK Israel Tech Hub and UK Trade and Investment group at the British Embassy Israel, together with London-based Tech City Investment Organization. The project, called TexChange, will bring Israeli entrepreneurs to London (and other UK locations) to meet with entrepreneurs, investors, and other tech people.

The first group of 15 companies is set to be selected in the coming days, said Naomi Krieger, director of the UK Israel Tech Hub, and the first event will take place in November. Later on, she said, the program will bring British business and tech people to Israel to meet with entrepreneurs and start-ups, she added, with exchanges taking place three to four times a year.

“The idea is to create an ongoing flow of Israeli entrepreneurs to the UK and vice versa,” said Krieger. “It will create a platform for collaboration of entrepreneurs and companies, giving British corporations a route to benefit from Israeli technological innovation, and tying Israeli companies to the UK’s leading companies, markets and service providers.”


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