6 ways to use social media to help land a new job

6 ways to use social media to help land a new job

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Can’t understand why your postings on Monster or CareerBuilder are not enough to get you the job of your dreams? You probably need to include social media in your job-hunting process. Forbes reports that 92 percent of companies use social media in their hiring process, and 75 percent of hiring managers will look over your social profiles.


If you have not done so already, consider taking these steps to integrate social media into your job search.

  1. Educate yourself — Do you know enough about social media to know where to start? Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the primary social media sites, but there are other sites relevant to particular fields that you may need to add. Do some online research to make sure you are comfortable with the basics at each website. You cannot effectively use social media if the jargon trips you up or you simply do not understand how a social media site works.
  2. Make a plan — Decide which social media platform or platforms work the best for you, and how often you intend to engage in it. If you do not plan to use a social media site regularly, do not use it at all. An unattended page looks worse than no page.

Consider how well each social media outlet fits your needs. For example, LinkedIn is a great place to fill a profile with accomplishments and connect with those in your field, but if you are just starting out, it will take time to build the necessary connections and accomplishments. Your focus may need to be on Facebook and Twitter instead.

  1. Establish/clean up profiles and make them relevant — Keep your social media profiles relevant and squeaky clean. That is easy to do if you are starting from scratch, but a pre-employment Facebook and Twitter account may need some maintenance. Collegiate accomplishments with alcoholic beverages are not going to impress a hiring manager.



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