6 Strategic Tips for Employers to Recruit on Social Media

6 Strategic Tips for Employers to Recruit on Social Media

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Hiring talent starts with sourcing candidates, and the exponential growth of social media sites is now providing unprecedented access to the largest number of individuals who have posted their career experience and other relevant information that recruiters need to pre-qualify potential candidates.

Social media has significantly changed the way every company hires. There are so many outlets that companies now have to monitor, track and strategically use to attract and engage candidates.

On the other hand, candidates are having a hard time getting noticed by employers, especially those with less working experience that can be “advertised” online; the growing number of virtual marketplaces where recruiters can find candidates makes also very hard for inexperienced workers to break through the noise and showcase value beyond their resume.

Below are six strategic tips to be effective at recruiting in the social media realm that will help hiring managers and recruiters to build connections, manage social pages, engage candidates and find the right people for their open roles.

1. Know Where to Start

The very first step when it comes to social recruiting is to figure out where people are sharing their information, especially those professionals in your industry. Do some research and focus both on the larger sites like Linkedin and industry-specific social networks and blogs.

2. Leverage Your Social Profiles to Post Job Openings

Posting job openings on social media is easy and free. Information spreads across your network and even if no one is interested or a good fit for that role, they might know a strong candiate.

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