5 fun facts about iTunes’ 25 billionth song

5 fun facts about iTunes’ 25 billionth song

Original post by  Doug Gross via CNN

(CNN) — On Wednesday, Apple announced a pretty mind-boggling stat: The 25 billionth song had been downloaded on iTunes.

That’s billion. With a b.

Since launching the iPod in 2001, and iTunes in 2003, Apple has been a leader in digital music, virtually defining the space for competitors like Amazon and Google.

Here are five interesting facts about the milestone:

1. Who did it?

Phillip Lupke of Germany was the lucky downloader. For happening to click at the right nanosecond, he’ll be getting a 10,000-Euro ($13,528) iTunes gift card.

And it was no easy task. According to Apple, users download an average of 15,000 songs every minute.

2. What was the tune?

You’ve probably never heard of it.

Sorry. Hipster moment over. We hadn’t heard of it either.


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