4 Secrets for Marketing on Pinterest

4 Secrets for Marketing on Pinterest

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Can’t spend as much as you’d like to on marketing? Here’s how one clothing company uses Pinterest to close the gap.

It’s a common problem for a small start-up: You have a great product, but it’s tough getting the word out in a crowded marketplace. Especially when your marketing budget can’t match those of your better established competitors. Pinterest may be a way to level that playing field.

That’s how it worked for Lisa Daniel and Elizabeth Thurer, co-founders of Elizabeth Daniel New York. “We were looking for a product that didn’t exist,” Thurer explains. “We loved the look of a woven white shirt but hated the feel. So we did a hybrid shirt that has a knit body and a crisp woven collar.”

The company launched in October 2011, and had sold more than 1,000 shirts by the end of the year. “We knew we were a success when stores started contacting us and requesting inventory,” Thurer says. The shirts are now carried in 25 retail stores.



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