10 Email Marketing Lessons from Successful Small Businesses

10 Email Marketing Lessons from Successful Small Businesses

Original post by Ryan Pinkham via constantcontact

Here at Constant Contact, we never miss a chance to celebrate the success of our customers.

Their success is not only an inspiration to us, but it’s also an opportunity to teach and inspire other business owners who are looking for new ways to do more business.

As we move into the New Year, we thought we would take a few moments to look back at a year filled with some incredible stories that offer valuable lessons we could all learn from.

1. What to say in your email newsletter

Coming up with content ideas is one of the biggest challenges small businesses face. But the reality is that coming up with great content for your email newsletter is really all about understanding what your readers need to hear you say.

What would you say to them if they were visiting your store or calling to ask a question? Focusing on answering your readers’ most important questions will be the easiest thing you can do to overcome your content setbacks.

Here are some great tips from Fluent City, a language school that uses Constant Contact to stay in touch with readers in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.

2. How to choose the right email template

The inbox has changed a lot in recent years. And as a result, many of the templates that you used two or three years ago may not be the best choices in today’s increasingly mobile world.

Here are some great examples of small businesses and nonprofits with great-looking email templates that drive action.

3. How to design mobile-friendly emails

In addition to choosing the right template, small businesses also need to think differently about how they design emails in the New Year.

This is something that Boloco, a Boston-based burrito restaurant and long-time Constant Contact customer knows well.

Find out how this inspiring business designs emails that inspire action on all devices.


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