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Hiring the right people for a startup

Hiring the right people for a startup

Original post by Renaissance Personnel Group While staffing agencies in Phoenix and other cities can undoubtedly be the driving force behind the hiring process for startup companies lacking recruiting departments, there are still a number of strategies these firms can employ to ensure that the individuals will fit in well within their specific business. In a recent Mashable column, […]

7 Winning Examples of Game Mechanics in Action

7 Winning Examples of Game Mechanics in Action

Original post by Gabe Zichermann via Mashable Gabe Zichermann is the author of Gamification by Designand chair of the upcoming Gamification Summit NYC, where top leaders in the field – such as those profiled here – get together to share insight, key metrics and best practices. Mashable readers are invited to register with special savings at using code MASH10. […]

LSR July Meetup (Gaming to Gamification) Presenter: Simon Bennett (roll7)

LSR July Meetup (Gaming to Gamification) Presenter: Simon Bennett (roll7)

Simon Bennett is a Social Entrepreneur based in London, England. Over the past 10 years, he has started and grown three businesses within the youth, education and multimedia spaces. His current focus is on roll7, a Serious Games Developer and Digital Agency based in London and Coventry. This September, roll7 (in partnership with Neurocog) will […] promotes Entrepreneur program PepsiCo10 to London Silicon Roundabout promotes Entrepreneur program PepsiCo10 to London Silicon Roundabout

Calling all tech start-ups! PepsiCo is calling for digital entrepreneurs across Europe to apply to take part in ‘PepsiCo10′, a new programme that will discover and support new and exciting technology innovations. Launched successfully in the United States last June, PepsiCo has expanded PepsiCo10 to Europe. The goal of the PepsiCo10 Europe programme is to […]

Mind Games The Psychology of Gamification

Mind Games: The Psychology of Gamification

Original post by Joey Strawn via Business 2 Community I’m a satisfied customer of Netflix. I’ve been a Netflix customer for about four and a half years and because of that, they have gotten quite good at suggesting movies my wife and I might like. Yet, the last two movies that came in the mail for us […]

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Weekly Recap: gamification around the web

Original post by The Gamification Blog In this week’s recap, Ikea has great flow, social networking platform Gigya announces game mechanics platform, gamification and games for public health, Keas cofounder Adam Bosworth shares his vision for the future, and the Guardian discusses gamification for the public good. Be sure to read the full stories. Gigya […]

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Gigya launches gamification suite to make web sites more fun (exclusive)

Original post by Dean Takahashi via VentureBeat Gigya has made its mark by making web sites more social. Now it’s going to gamify them too. The company is announcing today that it will offer a Game Mechanics software as a service so that companies can make their sites more social and game-like as they seek to engage users […]

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Ntrails helps attract business to SME websites using gamification

Original post from The Drum UK games site is helping SMEs get more traffic to their websites by using an online treasure hunt. Gamification – the use of games online- is one of the new ways that companies are trying to get viewers onto their websites, but many small companies cannot afford to create […]

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Everyone has a role to play in this never ending story

Original post by Ruth Mortimer via Marketing Week Brands from every sector are paying close attention to gamification – the latest way of giving content a life beyond its original form, says Ruth Mortimer. Imagine a magical world in which your content never dies, its profit-making ability never comes to an end and no book, […]