Zoi: Your Team, Your Time, Your Freedom

Zoi: Your Team, Your Time, Your Freedom

Zoi: Your Team, Your Time, Your Freedom

It’s time to start planning your participation at the Tech Job Fair as it is soon to happen in Berlin. Get your CVs ready and prepare yourself to meet different companies.

At our Berlin Tech Job Fair this March, Zoi is one of our partners. They are looking for talented, motivated and passionate people to join their nerdy tech family. Meet exciting challenges and develop your skills with their team. Continue reading to have a quick overview of what they do, their story and what they have to offer.

Zoi is the digital companion of the so-called hidden champions. They create innovative enterprise software solutions. The company’s heart beats for Code, Cloud, Data, Electrical Engineering, Creation and Exploration. The name of the company (ZOI) stands for Zero One Infinity – an essential paradigm of IT and electronics. They focus fully on the use of the cloud in the enterprise environment as well as new technologies and software development.

The Zoi team consists of over 80 colleagues and they’ve been working together as a team of interdisciplinary and creative tech experts since 2004. The reason why they founded Zoi was that they simply did not see any comparable company. They started in Stuttgart and are committed to the strengths of the region; to the companies, the industry and the “Mittelstand”. Meanwhile, they have offices in Berlin and Lisbon, Portugal, as well.

The Zoi team works in changing teams instead of rigid structures, depending on the requirements of a project and client. This means constant exchange with colleagues and constant learning. They also encourage regular professional exchange apart from the projects they carry out with their customers. In this line, technological play instinct is a very important part of to the company culture to explore new technologies and opportunities for their clients.

The team at Zoi treasures every idea as it will help them to come up with new and exciting solutions for their clients. They are proud of the team growth and are open to every new encounter. Zoi focuses on people and their development. The company is always looking for exciting characters who will further enrich the team. If work means learning for you and you are looking for the freedom to improve yourself and your skills – then your time at Zoi will be more than just a job for you.

They are curious to meet you! Sign up here now and join us at our Berlin Tech Job Fair. See Zoi’s Website for more interesting details. They also have profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.