Working In Denmark: Benefits for Employees

Working In Denmark: Benefits for Employees

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Do you consider Denmark to be the new place for you and your family? Workindenmark’s team will join us in Barcelona and they can offer you a job that will sustain your family life in DK. They have over 1600 job vacancies where you can fit in and more than 240 companies rely on #workindenmark’s consultants. They might be the key to fulfill your dream job and start a new life in Denmark.


Working in Denmark might be difficult for a foreigner like you but if you get to know how the Danish labor market works then you might have a good start in your working life. The Danish labor market is internationally known for its ‘flexicurity’ (flexibility and security) model. This concept refers to a welfare state model that combines a flexible labor market with social security for all workers. Denmark can give you a career without compromising your family life.

These are the things to consider and benefits waiting for you when you’re planning to pursue or start a career in Denmark:

1- Residence and work permit

It’s important to find out whether you need to obtain a residence and work permit as it depends on nationality. Click here to find out if you need a permit.

2- Terms of employment

Your terms of employment in many cases are based on the collective agreement but if not, then you have to negotiate your own terms. These collective agreement are made by the primary players of the Danish labor market: The trade unions and employer associations.

3- Employment Contract
It’s is mandatory by law that your employer should provide you with a contract of employment. The contract is given if you are under employment for at least a month and more than eight hours per week.

4- Workplace culture in Denmark
Understanding Danish culture will make it easier for you to adjust. Their culture is characterized by among others flat hierarchy, working in a team, flexible working hours, acting proactive and informal tone of communication.

5- Trade Unions
Being a member of the Trade union is common in Denmark. The trade unions act and negotiate on your behalf to secure you the best possible salary level and working conditions.

6- Holiday Pay
As an employee in Denmark, you are entitled to five weeks paid holiday provided that you have worked for one calendar year before the beginning of holiday year.

7- Pension
The average pension age in Denmark is 65. You will receive a full amount of state pension if you have lived in Denmark for 40 years, and a fraction if less.

8- Unemployment insurance
Unemployment insurance in Denmark is voluntary. Minimum age required to become a member of unemployment insurance funds is 18 years old.

9- Tax

Denmark is a welfare state. Taxes are high but so are the wages. Danes pay taxes to ensure that a series of critical services are universal regardless of income level.

Exciting life is ready to welcome you and your loved-ones in Denmark and if you imagine yourself living in this country, then meet Workindenmark at our Barcelona Tech Job Fair. Workindenmark is searching for tech talent people all over Europe and if Barcelona could not be an accessible place for you, you can still join our Tech Job Fairs to other major Cities in Europe like  Amsterdam, Lisbon, Frankfurt and Stuttgart.

More information about the company is available on their Website, LinkedIn and Facebook. Don’t forget to sign up for free!