Urban Sports Club: Making Berlin Move

Urban Sports Club: Making Berlin Move

Urban Sports Club is one of the exhibitors coming to our Berlin Tech Job Fair this week! Have a look below to check out the interview with their team!

What’s the story behind the creation of your company?

Urban Sports Club offers a flexible sports flatrate. The mission is to help people lead a more healthy and active lifestyle. Club members can choose from 50+ activities – ranging from classic gym workout, swimming, yoga, or bouldering, to team sports and lots more – and more than 3.000 partner venues in Germany, Italy and France. Variety, flexible conditions as well as team sports and wellness are offered both for private customers and companies.

Urban Sports GmbH was founded in 2012 by Moritz Kreppel and Benjamin Roth in Berlin, Germany. After two years of bootstrapping, the company secured an early-stage financing in 2015 and went on to acquire four of its German competitors. In December 2016, the former competitor Somuchmore joined the German market leader; FITrate joined in 2018.

What’s your company culture like?

Our motto is WorkOUT Life Balance, which can be seen in our company culture as well. We do sports together during our monthly team events or in our lunch break, but we also enjoy after-work beers together. We enhance a direct and constructive feedback culture where everyone can express his opinion. Moreover, we like flat hierarchies to achieve the best possible outcome. Everyone at Urban Sports Club has the autonomy and freedom to include their ideas to shape our future.

What is your team like? How do you work?

At USC we are passionate about sport, think on our feet and find bold new solutions while working in an international team. Our goal is to build a community where different people with different backgrounds come together. Currently our team consists of more than 12 nationalities working for Urban Sports Club. We don’t have fixed working hours because we trust everyone to get his work done. Also we promote teamwork, where people are open to help each other when needed.

What kind of people are you looking for?

People that share our vision, are exited about our product and are willing to work hard in order to achieve something great. People that work for Urban Sports Club are open minded, curious and bold.

Who’s the best match for your team?

Anyone with the right attitude, skills and mindset. At Urban Sports Club we want people that live our culture while positively shaping it.

What benefits and perks do you offer your employees?

We offer a week of companywide onboarding, monthly team events, two USC memberships with your contract, snacks and drinks at the office and a really dynamic, motivated team in  addition to a permanent full-time contract and many opportunities to grow.
Sounds interesting? Make sure to book your ticket for the fair while it’s still available! Don’t forget to visit the company page, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!