Travel smarter and safer in 2020 with 57 of the best brilliant travel accessories. Everything from the best adapters, earplugs, space-savers, safety to tech gadgets.

1. This Ergonomic Travel Pillow

The smart design of this washable pillow prevents your head from falling forward as you sleep. Suitable for adults and children and perfect to use on airplanes, buses, trains, cars, camping, while backpacking, wheelchairs, airport terminals, or even while watching TV..

2. Pack more with these awesome space bags! I have 20 of them!

Buy on Amazon from $15.90

3. This Clever Tank Top with Secret Pockets

Keep your passport, cash and credit cards safe with this versatile tank top. Perfect for both warm and cool climates. It can even fit your cell phones and keys.

Buy on Amazon for $39.90

4. This Anti-Crease Shirt Transporter

Save time on ironing! This Tupperware for shirts and blouses is called the Shirt Shuttler, perfect for those trips when you know you’ll be spending a night out on the town or in a boardroom, or both!

Buy on Amazon for $24.99

5. This Convenient Water Bottle with Built-in Pill Organizer

Great way to take your medication while on the go! This water bottle can store your medication for each day of the week. The medication holder can also be detached. Holding 23 oz. or 600ml, the bottle cap also doubles as a cup. Ingenious!

Buy on Amazon for $13.99

6. This SoundBender for iPads

If an iPad is your only source of entertainment on the road, for either you and/or your kids, then make sure you get the most out of the sound of your iPad with this SoundBender. This audio-boosting attachment words for iPads 2 to 4. A magnet secures the enhancer onto the iPad while it “bends’ the sound toward you. Nifty trick!

Buy on Amazon for $12.99

7. This Optical Camera Lens for Smartphones and Tablets

Leave your bulky camera at home and turn your iPhone or Android smartphone or Tablet into a high-performance camera! Get up close with its 10x Optical zoom, smooth image stabilization and capture those special moments even in low light conditions.

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8. Get this cute secret pocket infinity scarf

Buy on Amazon for $9.95

9. This Travel-sized Wireless Router with USB Media Storage

Convert any wired network to a wireless network and stay connected! Not only that you can also stream your videos, photos, and music to your connected media devices. If that wasn’t enough, back up and free up space on your mobile devices by using an attached USB flash drive or hard disk.

Buy on Amazon for $17.99

10. This Travel Door Alarm

For peace of mind, attach this pocket-sized alarm to your door or window. There’s also a LED flashlight built-in.

Buy on Amazon for $11.99

11. This Multi-Bag Stacker

No more bag juggling, just use this nifty strap that connects suitcases and bags together through their handles.

Buy on Amazon for $10.26

12. These Amazing Space-Saving Laundry Soap Sheets

Add water and the sheet will dissolve instantly. They also come in shaving, body washes, and hand soap versions.

Buy on Amazon for $6.90

13. Protect your phone from water, drops, and scratches with this Lifeproof Case

Buy on Amazon for $31.25

14. This Digital Luggage Scale

You’ll never be surprised by having to pay for excess weight at the airport again. This compact and lightweight luggage scale can weigh up to 110 lb / 50 kg luggage. No batteries required.

Buy on Amazon for $7.99

15. No more breaks and leak with this inflatable bottle bag

This versatile roll-up travel bag suspends items in an inflatable air cushion to protect your bottles such as wine and olive oil. No more nasty surprises and messy spills when you open your suitcase.

Buy on Amazon for $29.99

16. Stay Organised with this Awesome Travel Jacket Hoodie

Buy on Amazon Ladies $79.99 and Men’s $79.99

17. Take Awesome Photos with a Clip-on Wide Angle & Macro Camera Lens (Samsung, Android, iPhone)

Buy on Amazon $31.99

18. Keep your Laptop and Other Items safe with a Portable Safe

Keep your things safe with this portable safe. Fill it with your belongings, pull it shut, and lock it to the sturdiest thing in your room. From the base of a sink a pipe or a large, heavy piece of furniture. This way you don’t have to carry your valuables with you everywhere you go, which also puts you at risk.

Buy on Amazon $89.95

19. A Backpack that Charges your Gadgets

Buy on Amazon $99.99

20. The Only Travel Adapter You’ll Ever Need PLUS Dual USB Ports (Covers 150 Countries)

Buy on Amazon $15.99

21. Create Your Own Secure Wi-Fi Network and Back Up Your Photos with a Wireless Travel Router

Buy on Amazon $17.99

22. Always Be Ready with a Pocket, Picnic and Beach Blanket

Buy on Amazon $24.99

23. For Those Who Love a Mini Electric Toothbrush

Buy on Amazon $7.99

24. Keep Your Drinks Hot on Long Haul Flights with this Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug (Different Colours Available)

Buy on Amazon $19.95

25. Get This Gorgeous Multi-Use Travel, Hiking, Camping Bag Rucksack

Buy on Amazon $419

27. Keep your toiletries organized with this waterproof organizer

Buy on Amazon $12.95

28. Stay clean with these laundry sachets laundry kit with sink stopper and liquid soap

Buy on Amazon $6.25

29. Keep all your documents in once place with this travel wallet

Buy on Amazon $33.99

31. Get some shuteye with this contoured sleep mask

Buy on Amazon $12.90

32. Avoid the knots and get this nifty cable organizer

Buy on Amazon $18.99

33. Sleep anywhere with the ultimate ergonomic neck supporter

Buy on Amazon $28.99

34. Pack like a boss with these space-saving packing cubes with shoe bag

Buy on Amazon $15.99

35. Keep your stuff safe with this TSA approved luggage lock

Buy on Amazon for $6.99

36. Keep your jewellery organized with this compact jewellery box

Buy on Amazon for $10.99

37. Never buy a cabin luggage again with this durable and lightweight case

Buy on Amazon from $$95.76

38. Stay hydrated with this collapsible water bottle

Buy on Amazon for $10.95

39. Breathe easy with this USB or battery operated mini humidifier

Buy on Amazon for $24.99

40. Take your music with you with this wireless and waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Buy on Amazon for $19.99

41. Stay entertained with movies, TV shows, songs, Kindle e-books, apps and games on Kindle Fire

Buy on Amazon for $49.99

42. Get safe drinking water wherever you go with the LifeStraw water filter

Buy on Amazon for $19.95

43. Get 18 in 1 multi-purpose credit card size pocket tool

Buy on Amazon for $6.99

45. Wash your clothes wherever you are with this machine quality wash bag

Buy on Amazon for $42.44

46. Hang up your washing with this Travel Clothes Line

No more hanging your delicates over hotel room chairs. This pegless washing line stretches up to 2.5metre and can be to affixed to either a wall or furniture with its metal hooks or suction cups.

Buy on Amazon for $8.95

47. Get this beautiful waterproof travel and passport wallet

Buy on Amazon for $11.99

48. The only worldwide travel charger and power adapter you’ll ever need (UK/US/AU/EU/JP) + Dual USB Ports

Buy on Amazon for $25.99

49. Alert others when in trouble with this safety whistle

Buy on Amazon for $5.50

50. Stay charged on the go with this mini power bank

Buy on Amazon for $5.99

52. Protect your camera with this anti-theft shoulder strap

Buy on Amazon for $19.95

54. Protect your gear with this anti-theft shockproof backpack that’s ScanSmart TSA friendly and water resistant

Buy on Amazon for $59.99

56. Keep your phone clean with this sanitizer and universal phone charger

Buy on Amazon for $15.95

Stay tuned! I’m constantly updating this page as I discover the latest and greatest travel accessories. If you’re going backpacking or long-term traveling, check out my ultimate travel packing list. Got a favorite a travel accessory? Share it below! 🙂

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