Tractable.AI Joins Us At Tech Job Fair London

Tractable.AI Joins Us At Tech Job Fair London

AI for expert visual tasks

Our AI understands images like experts do. But it can assess thousands, in seconds, with razor-sharp accuracy. So your organization can perform like never before.

It’s every machine learning researcher’s nightmare: the need to source or create large volumes of labelled data. For a generic task, you can crowdsource the labels. It’s laborious and time-consuming, but doable.

For an expert task? That’s a whole different level: experts are rare, often unavailable, and always expensive.

It would cost millions of dollars and take years to get the labels we need for expert tasks. That’s wasted time, and wasted money. We found another way.

We’re building all-purpose tagging machinery, based on interactive learning. The result? Our algorithm starts with unlabelled data. And it achieves the same performance as the baseline method, in a fraction of the time.



Get expert eyes on every claim – and help your team make the right decision, every time.

Preventative Maintenance

Predict infrastructure failure, before it happens. Then get it sorted, with minimal downtime.

Medical Imagery

Fast, accurate diagnosis as standard. Plus detail only an expert AI can see.


Change the world

Tackle problems that change how computers see the world – and then see your work transform industries across the globe.

Great minds

Work with some of the top researchers and engineers in AI. We’re a close-knit, hard-working, results-driven team.
Effort. Rewarded.

Generous salary, equity, perks – of course. The real reward of working at Tractable? The chance to shape the whole future of the company.

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