The Top Tech Startups Reshaping Barcelona

Top Tech Startups Reshaping Barcelona

The Top Tech Startups Reshaping Barcelona

Barcelona’s tech scene is diverse, with emphasis on a wide range of technologies. From Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Cyber Security , Software Development, and everything in between, you will find startups of all sizes playing their part in shaping the future of technology.

One of the key reasons why Barcelona is attracting tech startups like a magnet is the city’s strong support infrastructure for the tech industry. Barcelona provides a fertile ground for growth with its robust economy, access to talented professionals, and favorable government policies. Home to several world-class universities and institutions, the city boasts a pool of talented professionals well-versed in Data Science, Blockchain, Coding, and Full Stack Development, making it a haven for startups in need of skilled manpower.

Let’s delve further into the fascinating world of tech startups in Barcelona, shining a spotlight on the rising stars of the city’s tech scene, who are making waves with groundbreaking innovations, creative solutions, and visionary ideas.

Factors Making Barcelona a Tech Hub

Factors Making Barcelona a Tech Hub

Barcelona is among Europe’s leading tech hubs, renowned for its tech startups scene, exemplifying innovation and growth. This rise to prominence isn’t accidental— several pivotal factors are contributing to its reputation as a tech hub:

  • Support from the Government: The Spanish Government, along with the Catalonia region’s local government, is strongly committed to fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. They’ve implemented startup-friendly regulations and offer financial assistance, tax incentives, and helpful legal frameworks to encourage startup growth. Initiatives by Barcelona Activa, the local development agency, offer invaluable services like business support, financing, training, and innovation programs.
  • Availability of Talent: Barcelona hosts a myriad of esteemed universities and tech institutions, producing a steady stream of competent professionals and potential entrepreneurs. The city’s emphasis on tech education and professions, like software development, data science, web development, and cloud computing, provides startups with the highly-skilled workforce they need.
  • Favorable Business Environment: Occupying a geographically strategic position, Barcelona provides numerous opportunities for tech companies, especially those focused on VR, AR, IoT, and AI technologies, to expand worldwide. With the city’s multilingual, cosmopolitan workforce and widespread adoption of English in business dealings, local startups have a smoother transition to international operations.
  • Prosperous Tech Infrastructure: With several tech events, conferences and an efficient digital infrastructure in place, Barcelona is a city that’s prepared to accommodate and foster tech advancements. The city’s flexible co-working spaces and tech parks provide an affordable and conducive environment for startups.
  • Investment Opportunities: The city’s thriving tech scene has piqued the interest of venture capitalists and angel investors. This influx of investors has led to more generous funding for promising tech startups, which in turn fuels more innovation.

These elements intertwine to create a favorable ecosystem where tech startups in Barcelona can plant their roots, grow and thrive. The city’s success in nurturing these startups is a testament to what an environment that values innovation, proactive government support, and robust human capital can achieve.

Trending Tech Sectors in Barcelona

In the dynamic tech startup ecosystem of Barcelona, several sectors are carving a niche for themselves and are gaining momentum. Let’s shed some light on the top trending sectors:



As digitization is rapidly transforming the banking and finance sector, Barcelona’s FinTech ventures are gaining global recognition. Vast opportunities in online banking, mobile payments, lending, and money transfers are contributing to the growth of this sector.



Thanks to Barcelona’s well-regarded medical schools and research institutions, HealthTech sees significant innovation in the city. From app-based diagnostic tools and digital health records to AI in medical imaging, Barcelona’s HealthTech startups are pushing the boundaries of the potential of technology in health management and patient care.



Barcelona is spearheading the digital transformation of education. EdTech startups here are harnessing AI and Machine Learning to customization and revolutionize learning experiences. Through digital platforms, online courses and learning management systems, they’re making quality education more accessible.

AI and Machine Learning:

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are enabling technological advancements across various sectors. Startups in this space are not only working on innovative applications of AI and Machine Learning technology but also providing AI-enabled services to other sectors, including marketing, logistics, and customer service.



In Barcelona, e-commerce startups are deploying tech around the needs of modern consumers, providing seamless shopping experiences, and driving novel business models in retail.

GreenTech and Smart City Solutions:

GreenTech and Smart City Solutions

Barcelona is making great strides in Smart City Solutions and GreenTech, using IoT and AI to combat environmental challenges, optimize urban services and improve citizens’ quality of life. The city is increasingly known for its energy efficiency, waste management, sustainable transportation, and innovation in urban living.

These thriving sectors illustrate the diversity and vitality of the tech scene in Barcelona. Further, they signal exciting times ahead as technology continues to evolve and drive change.

Spotlight on Emerging Startups

1. Holaluz:


A green energy tech startup offering renewable electricity at a fair price.

They address the necessity for sustainable energy solutions by providing 100% renewable energy. The company’s transparency, customer-focused policies, and dedication to clean energy make it unique and prospective.


2. Glovo


An on-demand courier service that purchases, picks up, and delivers products ordered through its mobile app.

They solve the problem of quick delivery needs within urban areas. Glovo is unique because it offers the delivery of a wide range of goods beyond food, which few other similar services offer.


3. TravelPerk


A business travel platform that revolutionizes the way organizations budget, book and manage their business travel.

TravelPerk aims to simplify the complex process of booking and managing business travel. They are unique for their comprehensive offering that combines multiple services for a seamless user experience.


4. Badi


An AI-powered online room rental platform connecting flatmates and landlords.

Badi fills a gap in the rental market for short-term room rentals and flat sharing. Its AI-powered tool to match potential roommates is a first in the property rental industry.


5. Medtep


A startup in the HealthTech space which provides personalized treatment plans for patients.

Medtep tackles adherence to treatment plans, a critical issue in healthcare. Using personalization, Medtep facilitates higher commitment to treatment plans, thus driving better patient outcomes.


6. Koa Health

Koa Health

Another HealthTech startup, providing digital mental healthcare solutions.

They address mental health accessibility by providing digital solutions. The startup’s individualized, comprehensive, and digital-first approach makes its services globally scalable.


7. 21 Buttons

21 Buttons

A fashion social-commerce app that lets users buy the products they see in photos uploaded by influencers.

They bridge the gap between seeing a product and being able to purchase it instantly. Offering a social platform that can drive direct sales gives 21 Buttons a unique advantage.


8. Hubtype


A tech startup developing conversational messaging technologies and infrastructure to help businesses better connect with their customers.

Hubtype aims to help businesses improve customer interactions, arguably one of the most important issues in business. Their conversational messaging technologies provide a seamless communication solution.


9. Coverfy


A FinTech startup, developing a free mobile insurance manager that simplifies the management and optimization of policies for its users.

Coverfy brings convenience to insurance management. Users can manage all their insurance policies from different providers in a single app. They can view policy details, make changes, report claims, and even use the app’s algorithms to compare and find better deals. This simplification and digitization of the traditionally complex insurance industry gives Coverfy great potential.


10. Typeform


Known for changing the way users create and respond to surveys and other types of forms.
Typeform revolutionizes online forms and surveys by turning them into a conversational, interactive experience. Their inclusive design ensures that forms are accessible and engaging on any device, increasing completion rates. Personalization features allow businesses to create forms or surveys that align with their brand identity. With the transition of businesses online, Typeform’s potential to improve data collection and user experience is immense.



The future of tech startups in Barcelona looks vibrant and promising. With the city’s growing reputation as an innovative hub, it’s drawing in local and international entrepreneurs, creating a diverse and dynamic tech ecosystem.

These startups, and many more, are set to shape the future of tech, disrupting conventional business models, and leveraging technology to create more efficient, agile, and user-centric solutions. As tech continues to evolve, Barcelona’s startup scene is perfectly positioned to capitalize on new opportunities and contribute significantly to the global tech landscape.