The Easy Button: Making Hiring Less Painful for Startups

The Easy Button: Making Hiring Less Painful for Startups

Original post by Jessica via The Sourcery

The recent plague of acqui-hires is making it seem like there’s no talent rock left un-turned in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. This simply isn’t the case.

Things may seem dire, but you don’t need to make an offer to every developer that you meet. If you’re a funded startup, there’s still hope! You just need to make recruiting a priority and to spend the time and effort learning how to do it correctly. Or, paysomeone to do it for you (wink).

Here are a few things you need to do that most startups aren’t doing:
  • Market your career opportunities like they’re one of your products. It’s not just your SaaS software that needs to be talked up, but your open jobs need some love, too! Blog and tweet about your openings, write compelling copy, get visibility by sponsoring events, re-post your job openings, and keep your ads and website current.
  • Work the network of your whole company. Ask your employees for referrals. Make it easy for them. You can create an actual referral blurb that they can send out or post to their LinkedIn profiles. Ask your VC’s and board members for referrals. If they can’t send you the engineers you need, ask for a referral to a trusted recruiterwho can help.


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