Tassomai – Make Education Better For All Students

Tassomai – Make Education Better For All Students

What’s better than working for someone with a mission? Education plays a big role in today’s society and we are at the stage of constant re-evaluating the current teaching system. Great minds see opportunities to improve what we’re doing now. Such minds work for Tassomai, a company that will join us for the London Tech Job Fair this September. You too have a chance to join them and devote yourself to a cause that will make life better for many students out there.

Tassomai is a company dedicated to giving the teachers and their students the right tools to maximise the results of their work. Need is the mother of invention and so was the case of Tassomai. They started off when their founder needed additional tools for his own students – easy to imagine the idea turned out so good it evolved into a promising business.

“Tassomai’s vision is to be an indispensable education tool for everyone. Our current focus is to support teaching and learning in secondary science by making sure students learn in a more efficient and effective way, and by giving schools, teachers and parents the tools to help.  We want to level the playing field for those students without access to private tuition”, explains the company.

They’re now looking for more talent to join their London team. In exchange for your enthusiasm, devotion and expertise, they’re offering a number of employee perks. The list only starts with 22 days off annually, flexible working schedule and travel card load scheme.

Are you ready for this? If so, book your job seeker ticket for the event right now. Meet with Tassomai in person and see if they’re the company you’d like to join!
You can also learn more about Tassomai by visiting their website, Facebook and Twitter!