Talent.io: “You deserve a better job”

Talent.io: “You deserve a better job”

Created in 2015, talent.io is a home-platform to many developers from 3 countries! Its innovative and straightforward structure helps people find their dream job, connect to the right employees and boost their career in matters of days. Now, talent.io team is looking for more people to join their group of 70 and you can be that person!

The concept is simple:

As a candidate, instead of wasting time researching job openings and applying for positions, sign up to talent.io once and have companies research your profile and “apply” to you. As a client, instead of trying to look for great talent using channels that yield low-quality leads, gain access to dozens of profiles who pass our high qualification bar and are actively seeking their next job.

One of the most important values that rule over talent.io is their flat structure. They gave up on your usual corporation hierarchy so they, you and the company can grow to its fullest. What does that mean for you? Talent.io employees take ownership of their own projects and act equally with the company founders and managers. In talent.io, coming up with ideas and executing them is loved and encouraged – on every level!


In 2 years, talent.io raised €10M and grew from 3 people in Paris to a team of 70 across 3 countries. We aspire to become Europe’s #1 career platform for all professions in high demand.

If employed by talent.io, you’ll work with the team to help others find their new awesome job. Surrounded by a creative and dynamic team, you’ll be given chance to spread wings and develop more than anywhere else.

If you’re interested in joining them, keep track of talent.io job openings on Tech Startup Jobs and TechMeetups events they attend!

French startup Talent.io is turning headhunting into a marketplace by connecting promising engineers with tech companies.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send them an email at [email protected] 

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