Startups in Europe speak out about the struggle to hire talent

Startups in Europe speak out about the struggle to hire talent

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Talent may be the scarcest resource for many startups in Europe. Some entrepreneurs creating innovative digital travel companies say they struggle with recruiting programmers, developers, sales chiefs, and user-experience engineers.

We asked some European entrepreneurs about hiring. Is it tough right now?

Over in Berlin, Gidsy, a site that offers tours and activities, often hosted by members of the Gidsy community, has also found hiring to be tough. Says Edial Dekker, founder of Gidsy:

Finding experienced people is probably the hardest. There are fewer companies in the Europe that have faced extreme growth, so it is very likely you have to find people from abroad.

The good thing about Europe, is that it is very attractive and easy to move to. Among startups, there’s a lot of competition, and that’s great actually.

All of these roles are difficult to fill. Berlin is like a magnet for talented people worldwide, and that’s a great benefit of being based here. We’re looking for people who’re better than we are.

Gidsy is hiring for a few technical positions. For instance, this week it hired an engineer who is who is “well versed in Django,” the open-source content management software. It is also still looking for someone who can do operations and sales.


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