Social Recruiting is Romance

Social Recruiting is Romance

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Recruiting is Romance: Attract the Best Candidates with Social Media

Relationship building with job candidates on social media is the future of recruiting. Relationship recruiting is a popular term being used often, and recruiters are focusing on screening potential candidates over social media. Besides posting on job boards, a recruiter can also post their hiring needs on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook statuses. Many companies are starting to have careers based social feeds, but the line is blurring as many recruiters are using their own social profiles and networks to represent the company. Recruiters have also become more proactive, scanning for talented individuals on social networking sites. They can then begin a two-way dialogue with candidates and start to see if there’s a spark. By building these relationships, recruiters are then able to identify present (and future) candidates by forming long-standing relationships with them via social media.

Here are some tips on how to build relationships with your talent:
First, decide on where you want to establish a presence beyond your company webpage. Sign up for social networking sites so you can start recruiting top talent and spread the word that your firm is hiring. Recommended sites are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. If you decide to use several social networking sites at a time to search and connect with top talent, consider signing up for Hootsuite – a social media management dashboard that manages and measures your various social networks.


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