Skil app – Helping others improve can become your career path

Skil app – Helping others improve can become your career path

One of the companies coming to our New York City Tech Job Fair is Skil – creators of a smart app connecting individuals with real professionals and career coaches. They’re now looking for more employees so if you’re dreaming of career in NYC – this post is definitely for you. Learn more about the company below and book your last minute ticket!

“In today’s world, it takes a lot more than just the traditional job interview preparation. You have to get acquainted with experts with professional experience in your field of interest”, says the company. With this in mind, they have created Skil – Uber-like service which helps job seekers find the right coach. “Skil App was designed to help job seekers out there in every necessary way and with all the knowledge that will be needed to be fully prepared for their Job interview”, elaborate the app creators.

The company has ambitious goals of growth and 2018 is their time of expanding. They have already introduced the B2B aspect of their product: professional corporate mentoring and resume pre-screening services. “Companies and HR divisions can steer away from the hassles of pre-screening candidates by offloading the entire pre-screening process to Skil”, explains the fast-growing startup.

Their plans for future is to expand further and reach more and more customers that can find their product useful. But to do that, Skil needs fresh members to join their team and help them push forward.

Are you in? If you’re up for the challenging tasks everyday, sign up for the last-minute New York Tech Job Fair ticket now and meet with Skil in person!

And if you want to learn more about their company, visit their website, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn!