See Who’s Joining Us For Barcelona Tech Job Fair Autumn 2018!

See Who’s Joining Us For Barcelona Tech Job Fair Autumn 2018!

We’re happy to say that our second autumn event, Barcelona Tech Job Fair, is right about the corner! There’s no better time than now to share with us the list of companies joining us! Have a look below – perhaps you’ll find your future employer there?

Remember that your free job seeker ticket for the event is still available you and you can still book it!


Derivco joins us for the second time this year after the London event. The company brings innovation into the gaming industry and they’re looking for people who are equally challenge-seeking. So, as they say: have you got the game?


PagePersonnel specialises in recruiting for IT and digital sectors. Join their team to start a career in a global and fast growing company. Talk to them during the event to learn more about their mission!


ID Finance grows fast and the more they grow, the better are the fintech solutions they’re delivering. If that’s the industry you’d love to work in, use your chance to talk to them during the Barcelona event.


Netcentric helps the companies unleash the full potential of Adobe Experience Cloud. Now they’re looking for more people to join their team, so maybe you’ve got what it takes? Talk to them during the event to find out!


Work in Flanders opens before you the endless possibilities of working in this quickly developing region. If you’re thinking about changing where you work, Flanders may just become your next destination.


Between Technology is a company that joins us for the second time in during our Barcelona event. They’re looking for open-minded people willing to make a change in the world by adding value to their team.


Haufe is another company we’re happy to greet for another time. They’re seeking people who will add value to their brand. Help them provide the best employee solutions; your career can start with this global and always growing company!


Pentasia is an expert in delivering the right people to the right places. They’re changing the image of digital industry hiring. You, too, can become a part of their team if you meet them in person!


Lodgify changes the rental market. They’re delivering the solutions for all those who’ve got a place to rent and want to do announce it easily. Help them create their software – they’re waiting for you at the event!


Mayordomo provides their clients with the most innovative and smart locker technology solutions. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to bring additional value to their company? Show them in person!


Curelator created a solution that helps patients suffering from a migraine – individually! Help them develop their product and assist in designing something that brings true relief to people.


Óscala is a group of IT specialists that deliver their services to a quickly growing client group. Talk to them to speed up your tech career – ask them about the vacancies and hiring possibilities!


Koedia delivers IT solutions for the travelling industry. If IT and travel were always your passion, now you can turn it into a job. Talk to Koedia team at Barcelona Tech Job Fair!


Vistaprint’s mission is to make it possible for every business owner to promote themselves like any global brand. Join their team to make that happen – they’re waiting for you at Barcelona Tech Job Fair!

These companies are looking for outstanding talent in Barcelona. Do you think one of them could be your future employer? Book your free job seeker ticket to find out on the 10th of October!